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European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, 20th edition
July 3-7, Nantes (France)

ECOOP 2006 is over
Thanks for your visit to Nantes.

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You may still contact us at registration-ecoop2006...please ignore this...@emn.fr.

Presentation of the conference

ECOOP 2006 is organized in « Cité des Congrès de Nantes » (Nantes Conference Center). It is the 20th edition of the ECOOP Conference Series. It aims at bringing together people, industrial and academic, interested in a wide spectrum of technologies related to object-oriented area. The ECOOP conference lasts for a week. It includes plenary sessions, which take place the last three days of the conference, whereas monday and tuesday are dedicated to numerous workshops and tutorials.


Overview of the conference
July 3rd
July 4th
July 5th
July 6th
July 7th
& Tutorials
& Tutorials

— Main conference —
Program Query and Persistence
Ownership and Concurrency
Special 20th anniversary session
— Main conference —
Type Theory I
Type Theory II
— Main conference —
Welcome party Cocktail party Reception by Nantes mayor
& visit of the Arts Museum
Château de la Poterie

You may have a look at the participant guide (PDF, 1.7MB), which will be given to attendees at the conference.

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Nantes Cathedral Conference Center Nantes Castle
Nantes cathedral, conference center, and castle.


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