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ECOOP 1987 poster

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July 3-7, Nantes (France)
20th anniversary

ECOOP's 20th edition Special Session «Summing up the Past and trying to outline the Future» on Wednesday, July 5th. Distinguished guests from all over the world have agreed to meet in Nantes. They include Jérome Chailloux (ERCIM), Steve Cook (Microsoft), William Cook (University of Texas), Henry Lieberman (MIT MediaLab), Ole Lehrmann Madsen (Aarhus University) and Akinori Yonezawa (Tokyo University).

They all are in senior positions with a deep technological knowledge and broad experience. They all contributed in various ways to OO Technology. They all have a lasting relationship with ECOOP. They will discuss for two hours on the strengths and weaknesses of OO Technology so far and on what the next step is likely to be.