Scalability in MDE

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The increasing adoption of Model-Driven Engineering in industrial contexts highlights scalability as a critical limitation. Indeed, several Model-driven tools show critical efficiency limitations in handling very large models (VLMs), e.g. models made by millions of model elements, not unusual in real-life industrial scenarios (Examples of such models appear both at development time, e.g. while reverse-engineering big systems and runtime, e.g. coming from a set of sensors, from OpenData repositories or when building applications on social networks). Moreover, the proliferation of models produced as input-outputs of software engineering tasks at development/maintenance time also highlights scalability problems in the management of the model artifacts.


In order to tackle the scalability problem we research solutions based in three main axes:

  • Efficient Execution. Performing just the required work on models improves scalability, as only parts of VLM need to be loaded and manipulated. We provide the following support for the efficient execution of model-to-model transformations:
    • Incremental execution of ATL transformations
    • Lazy execution of ATL transformations
  • Distributed Execution. Performing an efficient execution may help with scalability problems by focusing the tasks in the required part of a VLM. However, this is not always the case and we could be constraint to perform operations in the whole model. In this scenario, a solution for the scalability problem would be the distribution of the operation so that the problem is decomposed in smaller problems easily manageable with current tools.
  • Model Management and Coordination. For the management of the increasing number of artifacts produced in model-driven tasks we provide the following features
    • Support for composing, weaving or simply linking of VLMs in a transparent and efficient way with Virtual EMF.
    • Provide a practical support for modeling in the large, i.e. dealing with global resource management in a model-engineering environment with AM3.

Current research topics

  • Parallelization of model transformations
  • Reactivity in model-driven environments
  • Coupling MDE with cloud-based platforms


  • Reactive ATL : Experimental reactive transformation engine for ATL
  • Parallel ATL : Experimental parallel transformation engine for ATL
  • Virtual EMF: Model virtualization/composition engine
  • Moscript : the Moscript model query and management language

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