Model Based Testing

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Model-based testing consists in using models to assist the software testing process. The computational systems are becoming ever more complex. As a consequence, the difficulties of testing these systems increase. Models may be used to abstract these systems, and other parts of the testing process. For instance, they may represent the System Under Test (SUT), the SUT behavior, the test strategies, the test environment, etc.


Model-Based Testing Overview

Further information about Model-Based Testing may be found at this link: [1]

Current Research Topics

Elasticity Testing

With elasticity, the amount of computational resource is changed according to demand, during the application runtime. To absorb the resource changes, the application has to adapt itself, and this may introduce or reveal new errors. Since these new errors are introduced during the resource changes, to find them, we must verify/test the application during the resource change periods.

Testing of Model Transformations

The presence of errors in models and model transformations risks both, the reliability of MDE-based processes and the soundness of the resulting products. For this reason, there is a great need of mechanisms to ensure quality and the absence of errors in models and model transformations.

The testing of models and model transformations refers to the ability of verifying whether these elements satisfy the correctness properties. These properties express certain characteristics that the element under analysis must feature in order to be considered correct.


  • GLG : Giraffe Load Generator (developing)
  • GTT : Giraffe Testing Tool (developing)
  • ATLTest: A White-Box Test Generation Approach for ATL Transformations

Main Publications