• DVMS
    DVMS stands for Distributed Virtual Machine Scheduler. It is a decentralized Java framework that performs dynamic scheduling of virtual machines by leveraging the scheduling policies implemented in Entropy.
  • Entropy
    A virtual machine manager for clusters. The Entropy system acts as an infinite control loop, which performs a globally optimized placement according to cluster resource usage and scheduler objectives.
  • FPath/FScript
    FPath and FScript are two Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) dealing with respectively the navigation and the dynamic reconfigurations of Fractal architectures.
  • WildCAT
    WildCAT is a generic Java framework for context-aware applications.

Previous systems

Software systems without further development or maintenance

  • JavaCompExt
    Eclipse plugin for the extraction component information from Java source code.
  • STSLib
    A Java API to define Symbolic Transition Systems (finite state machines providing guard, input/output and action features).
  • View Switcher
    A tool to transform Haskell program architectures (based on the Haskell Refactorer of U. Kent).
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