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Haskell View Switcher : A program transformation tool implemented on top of the Haskell Refactorer

This page describes a tool to transform Haskell program architectures. The following persons work on this project:

  • Julien Cohen, ASCOLA (Université de Nantes)
  • Rémi Douence, ASCOLA (INRIA).
  • Akram Ajouli, ASCOLA (EMN)

This tool is built on top of the Haskell Refactorer (S. Thompson's group at University of Kent).

From here, you can:

This tool is partly described in the following research report:
Views, Program Transformations, and the Evolutivity Problem in a Functional Language,
Julien Cohen and Rémi Douence, research report hal-00481941 version 2, January 2011

Jan. 2011 - Apr. 2011

(Explanations for this video on the Expression Problem page)

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