Adrien Lebre

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Professor (HdR)
Head of the STACK Research Group
IMT Atlantique - Nantes
B216 - Ecole des Mines de Nantes
4, rue Alfred Kastler, BP 20722
44307 Nantes Cedex 3, France

adrien dot lebre at inria dot fr
Phone: +33 (0)2 51 85 82 43
Fax : +33 (0)2 51 85 82 49

Research Interest
  • Distributed and Internet Computing
  • Cluster/Cloud/Fog/Edge Architectures
  • Distributed Operating Systems
  • Distributed File Systems
  • Virtualizations in Distributed Architectures

My research interests are distributed and Internet computing. More precisely I investigate the interest of recent programming models (such as event or component programming) in the design of new systems in charge of operating large-scale geo-distributed infrastructures. I'm currently working on two particular challenges leveraging locality as a key point of the design:

  • Regarding Data-sharing, I investigate new layers aiming to (i) reduce the impact of the network at WAN level and (ii) to provide elasticity capabilities to storage systems.
  • Regarding the management of virtualized infrastructures, we are particularly interested by scalability challenges, targeting the management of hundred thousands of VMs/containers upon thousands of PMs (see Beyond the Clouds).

My publications since Oct 2008 are listed here!

Short bio: xtreemos.jpg
I received my Ph.D. from Grenoble Institute of Technologies in September 2006 and my M.S. degree from the University of Grenoble in 2003. During my PhD, I suggested a new way to handle I/O requests in multi-application clusters. This proposal led to the aIOLi project, an I/O scheduler framework for HPC file systems. In the meantime, I worked on the NFSp project, a non intrusive implementation of a parallel NFS server. Until these websites will be shutdown, you should find further details (Ph D. thesis, publications, code, documentations) on the aIOLi's and NFSp's sites.
Between 2006 and 2008, I held a postdoc position at INRIA in the framework of the XtreemOS project EU IP project. During this position, I had been in charge of designing and developing kDFS (a kernel Distributed File System). I joined the ASCOLA Research Group on September 2008 where I worked on distributed cloud computing challenges. These activities led in part to the creation of the STACK Research Group that has been officially created in November 2017.


On going
GRECO - Resource management system for Object Clouds
Beyond the Clouds - Revise OpenStack to satisfy Fog/Edge computing requirements
Grid'5000 - Member of the Executive and Architect Boards, Responsible of the Nantes site (formerly Chair of the Hemera virtualisation working group).
RSD Research Group - Member of the executive committee of the GDR CNRS RSD (Reseau et Système distribué). Co-chair of the transversal action Virtualization and Clouds of this GDR.

BigStorage Marie Sklodowska Curie European Training Network (successor of The SCALUS ITN)
SONGS - Leveraging SimGrid to simulate next generation systems (such as clouds;) )
SCALUS Marie Curie Initial Training Network with a strong focus on storage concerns

Scientific Animations

CCGRID 2021 - PC Member (Internet Computing Frontiers: Edge, Fog, Serverless, Lambda, Streaming Track)
ICFEC 2021 - PC Member
UCC 2020 - PC Member
CloudCom 2020 - PC Member (Edge Computing, IoT and Distributed Cloud)
ICDCS 2020 - PC Member (Industry and Experimentation track)
IC2E 2020 - PC Member
Euro-Par 2020 - Publicity chair (France)
ICC 2020 - PC Member ((Next Generation Networking and Internet Symposium)
CloudCom 2019 - PC Member (Edge and Distributed Cloud Computing Track)
Cluster 2019 - PC Member
CCGRID 2019 - PC Member (Cloud Computing Track)
IC2E 2019 - PC Member
ICC 2019 - PC Member (Next Generation Networking and Internet Symposium)
SILECS (Grid'5000/FIT) Spring School - Co-organizer
CloudCom 2018 - PC Member (Edge Computing Track)
SBAC-PAD 2018 - PC member (Track Chair - System Software)
OpenStack Summit - PC Member (Edge Computing Track)
ICFEC 2018 - PC Member
CCGRID 2018 - PC Member
IC2E 2018 - PC Member
Network of the Future (Nof 2017) - PC Member
CloudCom 2017 - PC member (Track Chair - Distributed Cloud / Cloud Brokering / Edge Computing)
ResCom Spring School 2017 - Organization Committee Member
BGP 2017 - Publicity Chair
SC 2017 - PC member (Data Analytics, Visualization & Storage track)
ICFEC 2017 - co-PC Chair
HPDC 2017 - PC member
CCGRID 2017 - PC member
CloudCom 2016 - PC member (Co-track Chair - Distributed Cloud / Cloud Brokering / Edge Computing)
SSS 2016 - PC Member (Self-* and Autonomic Computing track)
OPTIM'16 - PC Member
SC 2016 - PC Member
Europar 2016 - PC Member (Local Chair for the Cluster/Grid and Cloud Computing track)
CCGRID 2016 - PC Member
Journee SUCCES 2015 - Invited Talk
CloudDay@LIP6 - Organizer
DSDIS (Data Science and Data Intensive Systems) 2015 - PC Member
CloudCom 2015 - PC Member
IEEE Transactions on Big Data - Associate Editor
Europar 2015 - PC Member
WS SCRAMBL 2015 - PC Member
IC2E 2015 - PC Member
CCGRID 2015 - PC Member
ISC Cloud 2014 - Invited Talk
CloudDays@Nantes - Co-organizer (French event)
BDCloud 2014 - PC Member
CloudCom 2014 - PC Member
BigData 2014 - PC Member
SimGrid User Days 2014 - Local Chair
Cluster 2014 - Publicity Chair
WS SCRAMBL 2014 - PC Member
IC2E 2014 - Tutorials Chair
Cloud Computing Summer School 2013 - Invited Talk on the Beyond the Cloud initiative
3PGCIC 2013 - PC Member
BigData 2013 - PC Member
Europar 2013 - PC Member
NPC 2013 - Publicity Chair
CGC 2013 - PC Member
WS VTDC 2013 - General Chair
SC 2013 - PC Member
CCGRID 2013 - PC Member
Grid'5000 2012 Winter School - General Chair
WS VTDC 2012 - PC Chair
CGC 2012 - PC Member
Contrail Cloud Computing summer school 2011 - Lecturer
PDP 2011 (special session on Cloud Computing) - PC Member
WS RTSOAA 2011 (Real-Time Cloud Computing and Virtualization) - PC Member
WS VTDC 2011 - General Chair
ScalCom 2011 - PC Member
CGC 2011- PC Member
WS HPCVirt 2011 - PC Member
WS VTDC 2010 - Invited Speaker
WS HPCVirt 2010 - PC Member
NAS 2010 - PC Member
Grid'5000/Virtualization WG day 2010 - Organizer

Grid'5000/Aladdin - Committee Member

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