Chronology and Projects

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Regular CV

Current projects :

Project RobMed (WP manager)
Subject: Gesture learning on robotic assisted puncture (percutaneous surgery, MRI  image guided), in the field of minimally invasive therapies
Keywords: gesture learning, haptic, robotic assisted puncture
Financing: Region council, EMN
Partners: IRCCYN (UMR CNRS 6597), CHU Nantes, Staübli, Haption

Project VR4D (WP manager)
Subject: finding new collaborative interactions in virtual environments for designer

VR4D logo

Keywords: CVE, 3D interaction, haptic, VR, design, collaboration, 3D sketch
Financing: Europe, French Ministry of Industry, Regional Council
Partners: EMN, EDNA, Clarté, STX Europe, DCNS, Beneteau, Gruau, BE Mauric, SIA et Atelier St Victor

Past projects :

Project Anim2000
Keywords: animation, computer graphics, 2D anti-aliasing
Financing: Cartoon Project (European Union Media program)
Partners: LIFL (UMR CNRS 8022), France Animation, INA

Project SpIn
Keywords: CVE, synchronous CSCW, 3D interaction, bimanual interaction
Financing: CNRS, Region council (Ganymede network), Orange Labs
Partners: LIFL (UMR CNRS 8022), Orange Labs, Trigone

Project GINA
Keywords: creative design, 3D modeling, multimodal, software architecture
Financing: ANVAR (French innovation agency), CNRS
Partners: CS lab (EMN), CERMA, ARIAM (architecture labs)

Project Distrans and Seism
Keywords: 3D interaction, computer graphics
Financing: ANR
Partners: SMEs , CS Lab (EMN)

Project Hypervise and InterActeurs
Keywords: CVE, 3D interaction, haptic, gesture learning
Financing: Orange Labs
Partners: IRCCYN (UMR CNRS 6597), Orange Labs

Keywords: CVE, e-laboratory, robotics
Financing: FP6 European Project
Partners: IRCCYN (UMR CNRS 6597), CNES, Alcatel, OptiBase, NCSR Demokritos, University of Cantab

Project Castore
Keywords: digital libraries, open source, grey literacy
Financing: Region council, EMN
Partners: EMN, Nantes University, Code Lutin, Xerox

Project UNIT IHM
Keywords: e-learning components, hci, teaching
Financing: French Ministry of Education and Research
Partners: EMN, network of hci teachers in France