Computer Science PhD Student,
OBASCO ("Objects, Aspects, Components") group,

Research interests:

I'm particularly interested in power management in operating systems and more generaly operating systems. I'm also focusing on the development of engineering tools to help the development of power management policies.


Bossa [WEB]

Emerging applications, such as multimedia applications and real-time applications, have increasingly specialized scheduling requirements. Nevertheless, developing a new scheduling policy and integrating it into an existing OS is complex, because it requires understanding (often implicit) OS conventions. Bossa is a kernel-level event-based framework to facilitate the implementation and integration of new scheduling policies.

Bossa Box [WEB]

The Bossa Box is a compact multiMedia machine with IR remote control based on Bossa Kernel with a TV display for differents kinds of multimedia streams: audio (MP3...), video (MPEG, DivX, VCD, SVCD...) and photo (JPEG, VCD) streams.


History based dynamic voltage scaling. Video kiosks increasingly contain powerful PC-like embedded processors, allowing them to display video at a high level of quality.