fr.emn.cursors For displaying floating tools on overlay (cursors, toolglasses, etc.).
fr.emn.inputeditor The interactive configuration editor.
fr.emn.lite Graphical utilities used by the configuration editor.
fr.emn.reactiveinput The main ICon package containing all basic classes and interfaces for input configurations.
fr.emn.reactiveinput.descriptor Contains device descriptors for device serialization/deserialization.
fr.emn.reactiveinput.devices Contains all devices of the library, that are visible in the left pane of the graphical editor. 'Socket' part, experimental.
fr.emn.reactiveinput.system At now, manages deactivation of standard input handling.
fr.emn.win32input.jdirectinput Windows-specific.
fr.emn.win32input.juser32 Windows-specific.
fr.emn.win32input.jwintab Windows-specific.
fr.emn.xinput X-specific.