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What is EMOOSE?

EMOOSE is a European master in object-, component-, aspect-, oriented software engineering technologies. The program is taught in English and consists of 5 months of academic studies at EMN - France; and 6 months of research in one of the institutions affiliated to the program.

The EMOOSE Program

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The EMOOSE program is a joint Master of Science program between the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the Ecole des Mines de Nantes, with the participation of the European-Latin American network SENSO and the European Network of excellence on Aspect-Oriented Software development (AOSD).

EMOOSE provides students with a solid background in Software Engineering with an emphasis on up-to-date as well as future technologies facilitating the modularization, reuse, and evolution of software. The program addresses the concepts behind these technologies, the building of languages and tools supporting the technologies, and their application to software construction, with a wide range of application domains, from information systems and ubiquitous computing to middleware and operating systems.

The Master's prepares the students for research and industrial positions where a solid background in state-of-the-art technology is required. Students also learn to work in international settings by interacting with foreign peers, professors and researchers and by going abroad and experiencing other cultural and working practices.

Candidate Profile

This program is the right choice for candidates that aim to master object-oriented technology, either for industry or for education purposes. Candidates will receive a degree of Master of Science (MSc) issued by the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (Belgium) upon successful completion of their master program.

In order to qualify candidates must have a B. Sc. degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or an equivalent degree from a recognized university or engineering college. Candidates must also have a solid background in mathematics and foundations of computer science, a fair knowledge of object-oriented technology and software engineering and fluency in English, both spoken and written (validated by a TOEFL test score of at least 230 or an equivalent test).

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The Institution Network

EMOOSE includes two overlapping networks of partners, an international network, SENSO, and a European one AOSD. SENSO is at the origin of EMOOSE, which was initiated in 1996 around a partnership between European and Latin American institutions with an early support of the European Union. The main idea was to foster collaboration between the institutions of both continents in particular through the exchange of students and teachers, but also through the setting up of common research programs and events. The SENSO network has since been opened to other continents. AOSD is a European Network of Excellence (NoE) on Aspect-Oriented Software Development. It is a new partner of EMOOSE, although a number of the AOSD partners were already SENSO partners. This network was built around the emerging Aspect paradigm and uses EMOOSE as an important vector of high-level academic training on AOSD.

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