Standalone command-line ATL

From AtlanMod

Here is a CLI interface for ATL ver 3.2 in totally standalone mode using jOpt Simple and supporting single input single output transformations.

In the zip you will find the README doc to run any ATL transformation from command line.

An Example:

For help on what those options mean:

java -jar ATLStandalone.jar -h

This is how you transform a model using ATL command line:

java -jar ATLStandalone.jar -input-mm ExampleTransformations/TT2BDD/metamodels/input/TT.ecore -output-mm ExampleTransformations/TT2BDD/metamodels/output/BDD.ecore -i ExampleTransformations/TT2BDD/models/input/TestTT.xmi -o ExampleTransformations/TT2BDD/models/output/TestBDD.xmi -ir TT -or BDD -ip IN -op OUT -t ExampleTransformations/TT2BDD/transformations/TT2BDD.asm

For more information on how to use the standalone comand-line ATL, there are two examples in the zip: Table2Excel and TT2BDD.