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OBASCO is a joint research group of (the CS Departement of) École des Mines Nantes and INRIA's research unit in Rennes. OBASCO is also a team of Laboratoire Informatique de Nantes Atlantique (LINA, UMR CNRS 6241).



The OBASCO (Objects, Aspects and Components) research group addresses the general problem of adapting software to its uses by developing tools for building software architectures based on components and aspects. We are (re)using techniques developed in the programming languages domain, and more precisely in object-oriented programming. Our research focuses on the three topics:
Component-oriented programming
Definition of a language making it possible (i) to program components by explicitly representing their composition both at the structural and behavioral level, (ii) to manage their adaptation all along their life cycle. To this aim, we are relying on reflection and specialization techniques. We are also looking at how to interface such a language with de facto industrial standards such as EJB, .NET, and CCM.
Aspect-Oriented programming
Formalization of aspect-oriented programming based on the concepts of event, trace, and monitor. Implementation of a corresponding language using reflection, as well as program analysis and transformation techniques. This work is currently applied to both the Java and C programming languages.
Post-Object-Oriented programming
Contribution to the evolution from an object model to a unified model supporting programming in the large and adaptation through reflection. Study of the problems resulting from integrating objects and aspects on the one hand, objects and components on the other hand.
Our research work is applied to real-sized applications in the domain of enterprise information systems (middleware, business components) and embedded systems (dedicated operating systems and network equipment).


Pierre Cointe
OBASCO group
École des Mines de Nantes
Département Informatique
4, rue Alfred Kastler
F - 44307 Nantes cedex 3

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