How much is the cost to participate in the ME3 Masters course?

The ME3 programme participation cost is 9,000 euros per year (i.e., 18,000 euros for the two-year programme).

How much is the cost to participate in the ME3 Masters course?

The total amount of the participation costs varies according to your nationality and your university of origin, as follows:
  • 18,000€ for non-EU students
  • 16,000€ for EU students
  • 12,000€ for EU students coming from core partners institutions (BME, IMT Atlantique, KTH, UPM)
  • How should I pay the ME3 programme participation costs?

    ME3 students are required to pay the participation costs in two instalments:

    First instalment: 50%, 2 month before the start of the 1st academic year (i.e. by the 1st of July)

    Second instalment: 50% before the start of the 2nd academic year (i.e. by the 1st of September).

    In case your funding is based on a scholarship or sponsorship whose instalments follow a different schedule, special conditions can be negotiated.

    Moreover, once accepted into the programme, students will be charged a non-refundable placement fee to confirm participation in the programme.

    This deposit will be deducted from the ME3 programme participation cost to be paid. More details will be given to the future ME3 students when they receive their acceptance letter.

    The ME3 programme participation costs cover the health insurance for 2 years, the participation of lecturers from overseas, examination and administrative services provided by each academic institution. No living expenses or course literature, travels or accommodation are included.

    Living expenses

    Living expenses, travels and accommodation are not included in the ME3 programme participation cost. More details to assess the living expenses in each city of the ME3 consortium are presented here.

    Once I know that I am admitted into the ME3 programme, what should I do?

    First, you should make sure that you will have the required funding for the 2-year programme, in order to cover the ME3 programme participation costs and the living expenses.

    Then, please check if you need a visa to enter Spain for the first semester. If so, please contact your Spanish embassy to have the details about the documents you need for your visa process (visa type D/Multiple Entries/Estudios hasta 180 dias).

    Finally, you will receive all the necessary information in your admission package in spring.

    What should I do if my question is not answered in this FAQ?

    First check the other sections of FAQ on this website. Then if you really do not find an answer, please send an email through the CONTACT US page.

    Please note that only questions not dealt with in this website will be answered. So please check first the admission requirements and application guidelines provided on this website. No pre-assessment of your application can be done. This means that we cannot answer by email or phone to any question related to your chances of admission. Only full evaluation of your application file is done, once we receive it (either online or by postmail).

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