Before starting completing your application, please read carefully the FAQ below and the application guidelines

Before starting completing your application, please read carefully the FAQ below

Am I eligible for the ME3 programme if my background does not fit the preferred degrees?

Preferred first degree fields are primarily Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Process Engineering and similar subjects closely related to the objectives of the formation. You may apply even if your background is different. But be aware that the following information is important in the evaluation of your application:

  • Whatever your degrees, did you attend classes in the following fields: heat and mass transfer, chemical engineering, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, process engineering, command and control?
  • Do you have professional or research experiences in fields directly related to energy or environment (i.e. air, water and/or waste treatment) issues?
  • While these are not mandatory requirements they will improve your chances of being admitted into the programme.

    Due to the high number of e-mails and applications we receive, we do not provide any pre-assessment of your application. You have to complete your application on-line or send a complete application package by postmail. Applications sent by e-mail will not be taken into account.

    What are the main criteria used to evaluate and rank the applications?

    Below are the main criteria used (with their relative weighting in the evaluation) and their sub-criteria:

    Academic excellence (30%):

  • Education background
  • Bachelor grades and ranking
  • Quality of the university of origin
  • Professional/academic experience, extracurricular activities (20%)

  • Professional experience in the ME3 field (e.g. energy/environment) in industry or in research.
  • Professional experiences not related to the domain, social or extracurricular activities.
  • Professional objectives and career project (15%)

  • Targeted jobs and career project presented in the motivation letter.
  • Learning objectives in enrolling in the ME3 master programme.
  • Motivation for intercultural experience, interest in European countries and cultures (10%)

  • Intercultural experience and international mobility
  • Particular interest for Europe or ME3 countries.
  • Language skills (15%)

  • English
  • Spanish, French, Swedish or Hungarian
  • Other European language
  • Recommendation letters, quality of the referees (10%)

  • Quality of the referees
  • Quality of the letters
  • Content well related to the ME3 Master
  • Do the copies of my degrees or transcripts need to be certified?

    For non-european students, it is required that the degree and transcripts be authentified by the spanish embassy (of the country in which the degree was delivered) or with an Apostille by the ministry of foreign/external affaires, if the country is part of the Hague convention (documents can be copies but stamps need to be original).

    English certificates: what are the types of certificates accepted and what are the minimum scores?

  • IELTS: 6.5
  • TOEFL (paper based: 550, computer based: 200, internet based: 80)
  • Cambridge English Test: B
  • TOEIC: 605
  • No certificate is required if you are an English native speaker or if you did your studies in English. Depending on the case, please provide a pdf file with only written “English native speaker: English certificate not needed” or an official statement issued by your university confirming that the medium of instruction was English.
  • A copy of your results/scores is sufficient.

    In case you want your official score to be transferred directly to us, please use the institution code of EMN (0581) (this code applies for all English tests).

    Warning: the GRE test is not considered as an English proficiency measure nor as a plus for your application.

    In case you passed another type of English certificate (for example, TOEIC), it should be at least nationally recognized. You may use it instead of the preferred ones (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge). If you do not have any of the required English certificates but have worked or are working full time in English you may provide a letter from your company stipulating for how long you have been working in English and your English level. The above mentioned documents will be considered, but be aware that you will probably get less points for your English proficiency than if you had given a score for one of the preferred certificates.

    What do you mean by global ranking?

    The global ranking is your personal ranking within your cohort (=your ranking when you got your degree). For exemple, you may belong to the top 10% of your class (equivalent A in the US system, "Outstanding"...), Top 50%, or below 50% of the class.

    Can I apply if I graduate my Bachelor only next summer?

    As the ME3 academic year starts in September, you can apply as long as you have completed all your courses at least 1 month before (i.e. before August) .

    For the application process, you will need to upload all the transcripts you already have, as well as an official document from your institution stating when is the graduation and that you have completed all your courses so far. Graduation needs to be before 31st August.

    I had been admitted for ME3 when applying in a previous year, but I could not come. Should I submit my application again?

    If you want to be considered for the selection of the Erasmus Mundus scholarships, yes you have to submit again your application.

    If you can now come with your own funding, you do not need to submit your application again. You just have to contact us directly to proceed your registration through the contact form here. Your admission is only valid the following year.

    Can I submit my TOEFL/IELTS score after the application deadline?

    An application must be complete to be submitted. Due to the very high number of applications received, we do not accept documents sent separately.

    What should I do if my question is not answered in this FAQ?

    First check the other sections of FAQ on this website. Then if you really do not find an answer, please send an email through the CONTACT US page.

    Please note that only questions not dealt with in this website will be answered. So please check first the admission requirements, the FAQs and application guidelines provided on this website. No pre-assessment of your application can be done. This means that we cannot answer by email or phone any question related to your chances of admission. Only full evaluation of your application file is done, once we receive it (either online or by postmail).

    end faq