Technologies to improve the efficiency of energy systems as well as to reduce environmental impacts have been developed for a long time now. However, they often fail to become the usual standards or practices.

This may be due to overcosts which may make these best available technologies not cost-effective compared to other options. However, this is most often due to the lack of project managers who combine both skills (technical and socio-economical), so that they can implement successfully projects to disseminate these technologies.

Therefore, one of the key and original features of the ME3 Masters course is to combine Energy and Environmental Process Engineering together with Management and Social Sciences. It aims at offering a well-balanced education to future engineers and managers having the adequate skills to solve environmental and energy issues through an integrated approach, combining technological development and innovations together with the consideration of human, social and economic constraints.

All the ME3 students follow the Management semester at UPM-Madrid (see detailed syllabus below) at the beginning of the programme. This way all the students of the same cohort have been together for at least one semester.