Crowning achievement of the studies, the professional project is the springboard towards professional activity. According to one’s personal career objectives, every student can choose to carry out either an industrial or research project for a period of 6 months. The internship gives the opportunity to get a consistent professional experience as an engineer in a company or an institution, having activities in the energy or environmental area. The missions assigned must answer a real industrial need, whilst the results obtained have to bring a real added value. Aside demonstration of the ability of the student to use technical and engineering knowledge, the exercise enables to evaluate in a professional situation the individual management skills, as well as the inter and intrapersonal qualities.

Industrial and research projects are geared towards solving company's environmental and/or energy problems and involves advanced engineering or/and management tasks. The evaluation of the professional project (30 ECTS) is based on a Master's Thesis Report and an oral defence in front of an international jury formed by representatives of the 4 ME3 core institutions.

ME3 students have completed Master's theses in a wide range of areas, while working with companies and research institutions all over Europe and the world. Click below to view past ME3 master's theses.

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Master's thesis sectors

Where are the Professional Projects Done?

So far, the majority of ME3 students carry out their master's theses in the energy sector with 51% working in the energy technologies sector (29% renewable energy, 19% demand-side, and 2.5% non-renewables). The rest of the master's theses were completed in the environmental and sustainability strategies sectors.

Master's thesis sectors

What Kind of Positions?

During the professional project, most students have positions that are both engineering and business-oriented. A large portion carry out projects in project engineering and consultancy. In addition, many students complete their master's thesis while working on research and development in industrial or academic sectors.