In the near future, experts predict that the energy demand will drastically increase, especially because of the spectacular industrial and economic growth of the emerging countries. In such a context, meeting the energy needs of society without serious adverse impacts on humanity and the environment is a world challenge.

The ME3 program provides training in a wide range of energy technologies. Students have the opportunity to learn about traditional combustion technologies as well as sustainable and renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal. Energy efficiency (demand-side) policies and actions are also covered.

Students can choose between all the energy semesters option (option A: KTH Stockholm, B: BME Budapest and C: IMT Atlantique Nantes). The three alternatives for the Energy semester make possible to offer different focus and pedagogical approaches.

  • Option A (KTH-Stockholm) focuses on renewable energy and energy production
  • Option B (BME-Budapest) focuses on engineering and modelling of energy technologies, and it enables students to have a lot of practical work in small class (a workshop is even scheduled in one of the only nuclear reactor available for teaching purposes)
  • Option C (IMT Atlantique-Nantes) focuses on the integration of energy supply and demand-side management into sustainable energy systems, and it is a mix of lectures and projects in small groups
  • Detailed syllabus for each option are presented below.