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One word: Diversity

One key success factor for the programme is the diversity among the students, in terms of gender (64% male, 36% female), nationality (39 countries) and background (field as well as professional experience, see below).

This is very much appreciated by both, the students and the lecturers. The multicultural environment is one of the main reasons for students to apply for ME3. It also creates a great vitality during the program, which is recognised by the lecturers. Most of them take advantage of this rich situation to organise discussions or exchanges within the group.

This diversity is a result of the programme’s attractiveness, encouraged by the Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus label of excellence, as well as the syllabus and mobility offered in ME3. The very high number of applications (around 1000 for the last editions) makes it possible to select excellent students, with rich background.

Students are required to accept the conditions laid down on the ME3 Student agreement. A template of the sudent agrement is available here for information purposes.

ME3 Student Nationalities