Professional Identity

Research Engineer in Software Engineering and Computing

Activity Domain

Large scale (distributed) software architecture design

Me and my domain

I've been passionate about computers since I can remember, for that reason I decided to become a computer scientist. In that process I developed a great interest for the construction of large software projects which can improve the life and experience of many users. I'm particularly interested in systems known as large scale distributed systems which are the core of most of the web businesses and medium to big enterprises today.

I'm also really attracted to study innovative ways to design scalable distributed software systems (Cloud computing, Grids, etc...). I'm also interested in adaptability and systems which are able to fix themselves also called as (self-* software systems). I have 5 years of experience in the industry, where I had the chance to participate in big projects which taught me to love the challenges of this type of systems in different business areas as telecomunications, taxes and financial systems.

Apart from my experiences in the industry I have always been interested in having solid academic foundations to do my work as best as possible, for that reason I decided to make a PhD in this domain so I can help bring the gap between the real industry needs and the new academic ideas.

My professional objectives

I really appreciate when the work I do is useful to as many people as possible, for that reason I love to engage in big projects, in particular I love projects which are challenging but rewarding. I love to design and create products from the beginning to the last stage. I prefer to work in groups, in the future I would like to manage teams to build and improve products. My plan is to continue learning and adquiring new technical and management compentences in order to do so (e.g. contracts, human resources, etc).

I also feel confortable helping different parties with their problems, I would like to offer my abilities as well as my personal background and culture to help fixing other people problems. I also would like to give back some of the knowledge I have acquired in these years as a teacher. I love to speak and teach my ideas not only in the academic level.

Some personal facts

I've had some rethina problems. I still can see thanks to god, and thanks to the skills of a really talented surgeon (Dr. Acosta, I'm your biggest fan), so I'm really interested in the topic of artificial vision implants and ways to improve human vision.

I've been living in France since January 2009. Arriving to France without a good level of french has not been easy. But I have discovered many things: a my renewed love for history and geopolitics, and a new love for language learning. I'm currently learning arabic, but I have to confess, it has been almost a traumatic experience.

I love music, going to concerts, listening and playing it, but I'm not such a qualified musician, From time to time I try to produce some noise with my guitar and computer.

Traveling is one of my favorite activities, it's the biggest and best learning experience. Here you can find some pictures of some old trips.

As a matter of necessity now I'm interested in cooking, I'm particularly attracted to Greek, Indian and Thai recipes, but my favorite food in the world is the Peruvian.