Software Architect at ATH S.A.

As one of the main software architects. I had to measure and design the best strategies to integrate the new requirements from the 15 members of the group (banks, investements funds, insurance companies, etc.)

I co-designed the solution and co-directed the team who created, implemented and deployed the mobile banking project (Banca Movil) which is the main mobile banking solution currently used in the banks of the Grupo Aval (Colombia's biggest financial group).

I was part of the team who created the Personal Banking website. I worked in an infrastructure to integrate the services of the multiple backends of the banks (stratus, SAP, web services, etc) in a new web service based platform

Senior Consultant at the DIAN

I was a consultant for the World Bank financed project to improve the software of the taxes agency of Colombia. I was part of the team who redesigned and implemented the forms system which included the simplifaction and standarization of the declaration forms and the design of the web interface to introduce them. I also was part of the team who designed the new accounting system. I also helped solving different problems during the release to production of that system.

Software Developer at ETB S.A.

I worked as a consultant to design, create and integrate a new web frontend with the existing SAP based backend.