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ECOOP 2006 takes place in France. French people speak a strange dialect called "french". Fortunately, the french language consists only of a few words which we list hereafter:

A few words of french
French wordMeaning
Every day bonjourgood morning
au revoirbye bye
mercithank you
s'il vous plaîtplease
Sapristi !great heavens!
Restaurant, shopping la notethe bill
TTCtaxes included
Note: the tip is always included
Traveling la correspondanceconnexion
le quaiplatform
toutes destinationsall destinations
la douanecustoms
PAFair & borders police
TANNantes bus company
arrêt de tramtram station
arrêt de busbus station
gare (gare SNCF)train station
Cité des CongrèsConference Center

On-line dictionaries

The CNRS and University Lyon 1 offer an English-French dictionary (which also provides synonyms).

BBC french lessons

An online beginner's course on the bbc website.